Localization of games, sites, programs and applications

Localization prepares the product for entry into new, foreign markets. Translator working on localization takes into account the fact that the game, site, program or mobile application will be used by thousands and sometimes by millions of people, and therefore they must be as much as possible adapted to the culture and language of the foreign user.

The Translation Bureau renders professional services on localization (translation) of PC games, internet sites, programs and mobile applications.
Program Localization
Localization of software is exactly the case when each word in the text plays important role. The localized software interface must not evoke sensation that it was translated from another language. Use of the same must not arouse discomfort and misunderstanding. Its further efficiency for user depends on skilful localization of the software.
Localization of internet sites
Site is the company’s visiting card. High quality of localization of the internet site visually demonstrates the attitude of the company to its consumers. Localization helps to make the site as much as possible comfort and understandable for foreign user, and this in turn stimulates inflow of potential clients and rises the sales level.
Localization of PC games and mobile applications
The translator to work on the game localization is required to have the game terminology and great experience of work in game translations in addition to excellent knowledge of the language. Partly he/she himself/herself must be keen on games and clearly understand the sense of the game and its specifics. Our specialists on localization know how to arrange for the most inveterate and captious gamer to be able to enjoy the game and pass all levels easily!

So, if you dreamed for a long time to develop foreign market but did not know from what to start, then  the order of translation with us is what you need! Our specialists are good at qualitative localization: great volume of works in this field is behind them. In addition, we can help you with translation of documents or oral translation.

The project managers are always open to communication with clients and will be glad to answer your questions. You can make order for localization of computer games, internet sites, programs or mobile applications by giving a call to us or by e-mail.

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