Besides the conventional services of written and oral translations, our Bureau renders such types of services as:

  1. Translation of audio content (speeches, audio lessons, presentations, reportages, songs);
  2. Translation of video content (advertisement and business reels, movies, animation);
  3. Transcript / transcription.

Translation of audio and video content is rather new service. Such translation is a combination of oral and written translations and is carried out by us from various mediums (audio cassettes, VHS, CD/DVDs, audio file of various formats, as well as online reels/tracks). Specialists consider such work as the most responsible and complicated: in order to competently translate the audio track the executor shall be professional in the field of written translation as well as have good professional ear (audition skills), be able to correctly interpret the audio content. Today, translation of audio and video content is actual in various fields of life including in business (advertisement, image materials), in education field and movie industry.

Translation of audio track (audio or video file) is usually carried out through the stage of transcript (transcription). The service on transcript / transcription of text can be provided separately as well.

Transcription / transcript of speech is the conversion (transformation) of the information from the type of digital audio track into the type of written text. The written text has advantages before the audio track: it has more wide scope of application and is more convenient for exchange and transfer. In addition, it can be used for creation of subtitles. Duplicating oral speech with written analog you make your information object more unique.

See Transcript of audio/video content section.

Oour Bureau is ready to execute your order on translation of audio and video contents into the specified language with observance of all details and in view of language peculiarities. You will receive the text of translation in written form with indication of time intervals (time codes), if required, it is written by roles and/or with transcription/transcript. If required, we can dub the translation by professional actors-informants.

Reference Information
It is obvious that each language has own peculiarities and oral speech is not an exception.
Mean rate:

  • Russian speech: 110-130 words per minute;
  • English and French speech: 150-180 сwords per minute;
  • German speech: 130-160 words per minute.

Taking into account that one translated page includes 250-300 words, it will be pronounced in average for 2 minutes.

If you need the translation of audio or video content, we are pleased to help you in solution of this task!

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