Written translation is a translation of written language from the sender’s language into the recipient’s one.

Thorough transfer of the text sense load lies at the roof of the written translation. Therewith, the text tissue acquires grammar structure of that language into which it is translated, different from the initial grammar. Complexity of written translation is in observance of accuracy when transferring the sense, because it occurs by means of forms accessible for the recipient’s language. Therefore, qualitative and correct interpretation can be executed by those people only for whom the context is clear and in no cases by computer programs.

Written translation may be required in various cases: for receipt of accurate document, artistic text or any source, at the roof of which lies the written language. This is a broad concept in the translatology and a service of high demand.

Features of written translation of documents

Written translation includes translation into another language of:

  •     business documents, agreements, acts, instructions;
  •     literature, texts of various genres;
  •     training literature, manuals, articles, booklets;
  •     private documents, letters, certificates, bills, passports, ownership documents, extracts from official sources

In individual cases, the written translation of documents is certified by the notary public in evidence of confirmation of the analog content of initial text and translation.

Written translation of business literature and documents is executed in the wide thematic and stylistic range. To preserve the high accuracy, integrity and harmony of the text, dedicated experts are employed by Global Translation Service for execution of translations of various themes.

We have experience of written translations of such themes like:

  •     economy;
  •     finances;
  •     jurisprudence;
  •     ecology;
  •     sports;
  •     machinery & equipment;
  •     automobile industry;
  •     history;
  •     religion;
  •     construction and many others.

Fifteen thematic subdivisions managed by responsible leading experts function in our bureau. Employees assigned to the subdivision are not only excellent linguists, but competent expert in the selected (stringent) sphere as well. You can entrust translation of any complexity and specifics from any language to them.

Service of written translations in our bureau

You can order written translation in our bureau on site right now. If you are interested in preliminary calculation of the order cost, it can be done here as well. Difference in tariffs depends on the language as well as on the type of documents.

we are pleased to offer you the service of written translations from 75 world languages! Best experts in Tashkent work for you. Besides translations we execute editing reading and computer-aided makeup. If required. You will receive the translation in the same format in which the original was submitted. Trust experts and break language barriers!

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