Rather frequently, the legal translation of texts or translation of personal documents require subsequent notarization.

As a rule, this procedure is required for further submission of documents to various government authorities for confirmation of one or another information, receipt of permission for something, making bargains or achievement of other results.

That is the notarization which will add legal force to the text in the territory of a foreign state. One of the types of notarization of translation is the certification by stamp of the translations bureau.

Certification by stamp of the translations bureau is an alternative to notarization of translation. It is more profitable to use this service in case if the translation of text which is required to be notarized by various reasons does not meet the requirements of the Republic of Uzbekistan or any standards of notarization.

What is the difference between notarization and certification by stamp of translations bureau?

The fact is that the certification by stamp of translations bureau as opposed to notarization guarantees the trustworthiness, accuracy and quality of translation of the original document. While notarization of translation adds legal status to the document which allows submitting of such document to the representative governmental authorities. It is required to clearly understand that certification by stamp of translations bureau add legal effect to the translation text.

Our Company can certify by stamp any written translation from foreign language or into foreign language which was executed by our specialists. In addition, we offer the service of certification by stamp of translations bureau of those translations, which were executed by specialists of other companies.

However, in this case the correctness of translation should be checked.

The fact is that when executing the procedure of certification by stamp of translation bureau we take the responsibility for the quality of translation executed by third persons. Such scheme of work provides to us the opportunity to be completely sure of the fact the translation completely meets all requirements and contains only trustworthy and accurate information. For our clients, this is the additional quality guarantee which plays important role. As it is quite unpleasant to encounter the situation when the documents should be redone and begin everything all over again.

We thoroughly examine the provided translation and in case of revelation of even the least inaccuracies we introduce the appropriate amendments. That is why we give 100% guarantee for the quality of translation certified by stamp of our Bureau. Therefore, even if prior to your visit to us you had any doubts or fears regarding the correctness of translation, we will fully save you from worry in this respect.

Once our specialists completed the work on translation or checked the correctness of the translation which was executed by a third party, the procedure of certification of translation by stamp of our Bureau starts. The document original or its copy are sewed with the translation text. On the last page of text we place the text which certifies the fact that the translation was done by the translator with highest linguistic education, corresponds to the original, was done with quality and contains only the trustworthy information. Under such text, the certifying signature of the specialist of our company is put who puts the date, bureau stamp and register number of translation. If you require copies of translation certified by stamp of the Bureau, then the same must be notarized.

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